– A How-to Guide!

Charity, Cycling and Craic! – A How-to Guide!

January 5, 2015 General Category 0

Hi All,

Now that the cyclists have started their training for the 2015 Galway Cycle, it’s a good time for everyone to get prepared for fundraising!  One thing that many people find useful is fundraising through  This is a great way for people to sponsor you that you might not see face to face, as well as raising awareness through social media about both the event and the charity.

  1. Create an account or sign in with facebook on mycharity
  2. In “Quick Search” choose “Create a Fundraising Page”
  3. Click “Create Page”
  4. Choose “Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind” as the charity by clicking on the “Animals” icon
  5. Choose “Sporting Event”
  6. Enter the date of the Galway Cycle “27-Mar-2015”
  7. Type your chosen page name in the small box on the right hand side of the page as the Galway Cycle will not be listed
  8. Choose “2 months” as the duration to accept donations after the event.  This will bring you to your personalised fundraising page. Change the details as you wish.
  9. MOST IMPORTANT : In  the “Event” title choose “Maynooth Students for charity Galway Cycle” from the dropdown options. Just click the list and type Maynooth and it will be the first highlighted option.
  10. This will link all your fundraising to the centralised Galway Cycle event which is linked to the Irish Guide Dogs.
Add a message to thank those who sponsor you and SHARE your page so that people can sponsor you for taking part in Galway Cycle 2015.