Collector Information

Charity, Cycling and Craic!

Although the name of the event is the “Galway Cycle”, the event is about so much more than the cycle itself. It is about raising money for needy and worthwhile Irish charities. As a collector you can help without the requirement to give up all your weekends to “train”. Think about it … all those weekend mornings in January to March when the cyclists are getting up and going training, you can stay in bed … even on the morning of the cycle, the cyclists will be up and on the road before you even turn for the first time in your bed! What’s not to like??

As a collector you will need to raise a mere €30 to get yourself on the bus to Galway … and for that you get your hands on one of the coveted GC Hoodies as well as accommodation and food for the 2 days/nights!

More details are provided in the sections below as to how to register to come along on the weekend and what to expect when you do come along. If you have any questions on anything to do with collecting for the weekend please feel free to email and the fundraising team will answer any questions that you may have! DO IT … it is a great weekend!

Why Collect?

Why come as a collector…..???? Easy!

  • Why go to the effort of getting to Galway on a bike when the bus gets you there in a fraction of the time and it’s warm 🙂
  • You get to spend the day with Mick our most wonderful bus driver
  • The cyclists need the encouragement of the collectors cheering them on along the route…we get them there
  • We need bodies in the towns along the route and in Galway who can let people know why there are 300 people on bikes going through their town
  • The more bodies we have the more money we can get for our worthy charities
  • The seats on the bus are much more comfortable than a saddle
  • Collectors can stay out as late as they want on Saturday night because we don’t need to be on a bike at 7am on Sunday morning!!

….in summary all the craic and no pain and remember on Saturday….everyone’s a collector!!!

Registering For The Weekend

Registration for the cycle will cost €30.  This is in the form of a deposit, to help cover the initial costs of the weekend.