The Route

Charity, Cycling and Craic!

Friday cycling times

The cyclists travel at a speed of approximately 25 km/h from Maynooth to Galway. The following list is a list of approximate times of arrival at each of the stops on the way to Galway. If you are informing friends or family members about such times, please do inform them that arrivals and departures could be up to 45 minutes either side of the times provided here as a result of weather conditions, traffic issues, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Look for the live tracker on our website!

Arrival into Galway

Your room numbers will have been assigned so simply give your name to the hostel staff and they will tell you your room number.



5 am

Cyclists gather for registration and breakfast

6.30 am

Depart Maynooth University campus

8.30 am

Arrive Kinnegad for short 20 min break in Tesco car park ( 40km Maynooth – Kinnegad )

8. 50 am

Depart Kinnegad

10.30 am

Arrive Moate for soup and sandwiches in The Well. (45 km Kinnegad – Moate)

11.15 am

Depart Moate (start to feel slightly tired)

13.00 pm

Arrive Ballinasloe for food stop at Ballinasloe GAA Grounds (42 km Moate – Ballinasloe)

14.00 pm

Depart Ballinasloe full and happy.

15.30 pm

Arrive Loughrea for food stop at Loughrea GAA. (32 km Ballinasloe – Loughrea)

16.00 pm

Depart Loughrea. Burning legs at 100%.

18.00- 19.00pm

Arrive Eyre Square Galway (36 km Loughrea – Eyre Square). Smile, cheer, and high fives all around, you’ve made it! 195km complete!
Photo at top of the square with Mayoral welcome followed by tea, coffee, water and dancing!

Sunday Hometime

The food stops on the Sunday journey mirror those of Friday, except for Kinnegad, as we will be stopping at the now familiar Mother Hubbard’s, which is slightly further from Moate (but closer to Maynooth!).
Times however, are less predictable. For potential supporters, the cyclists aim to be back in Maynooth for 6pm, and the position of the cycle will be updated on our facebook page ( as often as possible.

Upon our return to the Square in Maynooth, food and a reception will be held in Brady’s Bar. So gather as many friends around as you can!



6.30 am

Cyclists gather in Eyre square (remember to eat some breakfast!)

7.00 am

Depart Eyre Square

9.00 am

Arrive Loughrea for hot food at Loughrea GAA (36 km Eyre Square – Loughrea)

9.45 am

Depart Loughrea

11.45 am

Arrive Ballinasloe for food stop. (32 km Loughrea – Ballinasloe)

12.00 am

Depart Ballinasloe (start to feel slightly tired)

13.30 pm

Arrive Moate for pasta and sauce in The Well. (42 km Ballinasloe – Moate)

14.30 pm

Depart Moate full and happy.

16.30 pm

Arrive Mother Hubbard’s for food stop. (53 km Moate- Mother Hubbard’s)

16.45 pm

Depart Mother Hubbard’s. You know the way from here…

18.00- 18.30pm

Arrive Maynooth outside Brady’s (30 km Mother Hubbard’s – Maynooth). Smile, cheer, and high fives all around, you’ve made it! 195km complete!

Celebrations in Maynooth square,food and music in Brady’s.