Galway Cycle 2017 Starts Here!!!

Charity, Cycling and Craic!

Galway Cycle 2017 Starts Here!!!

November 8, 2016 General Category 0

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re on the road to Galway Cycle 2017!  At the AGM on Thursday November 3rd, the incoming committee for 2017 were elected, and the voting membership selected the recipient charity for the 2017 cycle, namely the National Rehabilitation Hospital’s Paediatric Unit.

As mentioned, the committee for 2017 was elected, namely:

  • President: Samantha Ward
  • Vice President: Martin Rocks
  • Secretary: Emer Gilmartin
  • Treasurer: Nancy O’Hara
  • Webmaster: Paddy Walsh
  • Head of Fundraising & PR: Louise Sullivan
  • Head of Food Committee: Ann Marie Brennan
  • Head of Training: Bill Watson
  • Head of Support Committee: Aidan Harper

Keep an eye out for further updates, including fundraisers, training updates, charity information, registration opening, and lots more!!  Also, if you of anyone you know think you would like to help out with PR/Fundraising/Food Committee, please contact the representative committee head(s),, or the Galway Cycle via Facebook!